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Questions & Answers


Who Can use this service?


Cyber-Notice service can be used by any person who wants a notice to be issued to a Netizen. It is more appropriate when the notice is really meant to reach the recipient rather than being only a formality.  Examples could be an employer who wants to reach out to an absconding employee. An ex-employee who wants to give a notice to his erstwhile employer can also use the service. It can also be used in case of "Missing persons", "Obituary", "Property", "Loans", "Business Promotion" etc. It can be used by any individual, Company, NGO or even the Government in India or Abroad.  Bulk users can request for special rates and  credit terms with necessary information about themselves.



Why Cyber-Notice instead of Paper Notice?


Normally notices are released by way of advertisements in print media. This is an expensive proposition though it has some legal sanctity.  The print notice is available only for a day and the intended recipient may miss the notice. Cyber Notice is held for a period and is also likely to be picked up by search engines so that the probability of the notice reaching the recipients is higher. Also if the intended recipient of a notice is abroad or may not see the print media which is accessible to the notifier or if he is more likely to get the information through the Internet, Cyber-Notice works better than a printed notice.



Who is responsible for the content?

Answer is a web based service and falls into the category of an "Intermediary" in the ITA 2000/8 . The responsibility for the content being true, fair, non defamatory etc lies entirely with the notifier. The administrator however has the right to refuse to accept any notification without assigning any reason if it is not considered desirable.


What can I do if I am offended?


In case you find that any notice offends you in any manner, you can contact the Grievance officer of the site and lodge your protest either by a digitally signed (supported by an Indian licensed certifying authority) e-mail or a signed letter. The administrator will then contact the notifier and get his response. If the Grievance Officer believes that the objection is valid, the notice would be removed. If not, the response of the notifier would be sent to the person who raises the objection for his counter. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the Grievance officer may decide to publish the objections raised as a rejoinder or advise the person who has raised the objection to approach a necessary legal authority to obtain a suitable order.


What is CEAC Certification?


CEAC certification is a methodology developed by Cyber Evidence Archival Center ( for certifying an electronic document in print form so as to render the document admissible as evidence in an Indian Court of law as per Sec 65B Indian Evidence Act. CEAC or Cyber-Notice however does not guarantee that any Court will not refuse to admit the certified copy under the relevant section. Please peruse for more information on the system.



What is Call Out Notice


In certain instances, we envisage that a person would like to contact some body in the Cyber Space and try to deliver him a message not necessarily a "Notice" in the normally understood sense. In such cases the notice can be issued as a "Call-Out Notice" where it only calls for the intended recipient to contact and request for the copy of the notice. At that time the administrator would follow a reasonable process to identify the recipient before delivering it to him/her. The Call out notices may be sent through as many options as feasible to be decided on a case to case basis. The cost will be structured accordingly.