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(In conformity with ITA 2000/8, Section 79)


Statement of Ownership: is a website owned by Ujvala Consultants Private Limited, a body corporate with a registered office at No 37, 20th Main, BSK Stage I, Bangalore 560050.

Statement of Purpose:

The objective of this site is to give a cost effective solution to the society for notices targeted to Netizens.

Terms and Conditions:

Every request for publication shall be sent through a digitally signed e-mail communication supported by a valid digital certificate issued by an Indian digital certificate issuing authority or through a signed paper based request accompanied by a self attested photocopy of a Photo ID preferably the PAN Card. UID, Driving License, Passport or Voter's Card may also be used for identification.

The administrator of the service retains absolute right of refusal of any notice either before or any time after publication. In the event payment has been received, proportionate amount for the unexpired period would be repaid by cheque to the address of the notifier.

If any objection is received from any member of the public or a law enforcement authority about any notice, the Grievance officer will inform the notifier and initiate action for resolution of the dispute or removal of the objected content as per the procedures suggested in ITA 2000/8 (Information Technology Act 2000 as amended).

Any user is required to peruse the terms and conditions and other disclosure and service terms as provided here  and also obtain clarifications as may be required before availing the service.

The terms and conditions including the pricing are subject to change and the changes will be posted on the site along with the archived terms and conditions for reference.

Any dispute that cannot be resolved by the Grievance Officer, is subject to the jurisdiction of arbitration as per the Indian Arbitration Act 1996 and with the use of online arbitration through only.  Every user is deemed to have walked into the virtual space created from Bangalore and all contractual obligations are deemed to have been struck only in Bangalore. Judicial jurisdiction of Courts if any would be with the Courts in Bangalore, India only, which is the place from which this service is deemed to be provided.

The service is provided with the use of  third party services for hosting, domain administration and maintenance and administrators of this site shall not be liable for any discontinuity or deficiency arising out of outages attributable to such service providers.

The electronic records maintained by or the physical records connected therewith are considered confidential materials and any unauthorized access thereof would be considered as an offence under ITA 2000/8.

Obligations of the Notifier:

Notifier is entirely responsible for using only legal content which is truthful and does not constitute defamation or annoyance to another person or break any law in India or the country of residence of the service user or the notified party. Any legal liability arising out of the publication of the notice lies entirely with the notifier and the owners, officials and other persons connected with the management of the website shall be held indemnified.

Privacy Policy:

The website does not collect any personal information other than the identity information of the notifier. The information collected is used only for the purpose of identifying the notifier which is a statutory responsibility and is not used for any other purpose. The name of the notifier and any other information authorized by the notifier for display is displayed with the notice and may be picked up by the search engines. Other details are not published on the website. The information is transferred to an encrypted archive as soon as the publication is completed and a copy in written form may be held in the register of CEAC. The physical register is held off-line with reasonable security.

Additionally the web server may collect certain untagged technical information such as the type of browser used, IP address of the sender etc. These are used for statistical purpose only. IP address may be recorded as part of the identity where necessary along with the other particulars pertaining to identity submitted by the notifier.

Grievance Officer:

Na.Vijayashankar, Managing Director, Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd will be the grievance officer  with reference to any complaints that may need to be made in respect of the service. He is reachable through e-mail at