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Publishing Notices in Cyber Space

Cyber Space is fast developing into a main stream communication media for the current generation. There are many who may not read print news papers but doesn't miss to visit Cyber Space either to read their e-mails or browse through their social networking sites or simply make a Google search for interesting things.

This website is meant to offer a platform for such notices FREE or at  a very nominal cost. Additionally this service comes with the most important CEAC certification of the published notice which would be an admissible evidence in a Court of Law in India.

How To Use:

A Copy of the notice which may be in text format or in image format is sent to the administrator for approval along with the period for which the notice is to be displayed. (See sample template here)

On approval, an invoice would be sent to the applicant for priced services. The amount shall then be remitted as per the invoice terms.

A certificate issued by CEAC TM ( would be provided at the end of the display period where applicable. On request, an interim report may also be issued at an additional price as may be applicable. CEAC certification is a process of certification geared to meet the requirements of admissibility in Indian Courts as per Indian Evidence Act.

Pre registered agencies would be provided with credit terms and a commission on the advertising revenue. Accredited ad agencies may use this facility to offer the Cyber Notice service to their clients.

Each notice would appear in a separate web page with the page title containing the key words relevant to the notice. This will enable search engines to pick up the page to increase its visibility in cyber space.

At the discretion of the publisher, hyperlinks may be placed from the home page of this site to the latest ads registered. Notices registered as Premium Notices will always carry hyperlink from the home page upto a period of 4 weeks.

Where necessary, the actual content can be held confidential and only a "Call Out Notice" can be published to get the response from the intended recipient. After due verification of a response the notice may be delivered to him.